Wordle Introduces New ‘Golf’ Mini-In Game: Here’s How You Can Play The Game


  • Wordle Golf introduces a competitive twist to the popular word game
  • Participants must keep track of their scores on a downloadable Excel sheet provided by the company
  • The winner of Wordle Golf is determined by the player with the lowest score, adding an exciting element of strategy and careful word guessing to the game

In January 2022, the New York Times (NYT) acquired Wordle, an online word game that quickly gained widespread popularity. The game’s acquisition proved fruitful for the publication, as it garnered “tens of millions of new users.” However, after a period of relative quiet, Wordle gradually slipped out of the public eye. To reignite interest and inject a sense of novelty, the NYT recently introduced a new feature—a mini-golf game within the Wordle platform.

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What is Wordle Golf

Wordle Golf, a fresh addition to the Wordle game, was recently announced by the company through a Twitter post. Described as a competitive and interactive experience, Wordle Golf allows players to engage with family and friends like a nine-hole mini-golf game. The tweet not only introduced the concept but also shared the rules, providing players with guidance on participating and enjoying the game.

How to Play

To engage in Wordle Golf, assemble a group of friends, family members, or co-workers. The game unfolds over a span of nine consecutive days, requiring daily participation. Each participant must maintain a scorecard, downloadable from the company’s official website, where they record their scores.

On the final day, the scores are tallied to determine the winner, but there’s a twist. The player with the lowest score emerges as the victor. If a day is missed, seven points are added to the score. If unable to complete the game and accumulate six incorrect guesses, half a point is added for each failed guess. Spoiling a word for others in the group incurs a penalty of four points added to the daily score. If a word has been spoiled, the player must halt at the number of guesses made and record that score accordingly.