World’s first Foldable iPhone with Motorola Razr-like design appears even before Apple’s official announcement


  • A Chinese tech enthusiast has built a foldable iPhone
  • He has built a redesigned the iPhone 13 Pro into a foldable device
  • It is equipped with chassis from the Motorola Razr 2022

Foldable iPhone has been built by a Chinese tech enthusiast named Rock, who owns the Technological Aesthetics YouTube channel. As it is known, various phone brands like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Honor, and Vivo have launched multiple foldable smartphones. However, Apple is yet to launch a foldable iPhone, and it is unclear whether the company intends to launch such a device. The reason behind it is that a recent report claimed that Apple is working on iPads and MacBooks with foldables instead of foldable iPhones.

While it appears that it may take at least more than a year to see a foldable device built by Apple, the above-mentioned Chinese YouTuber has gone ahead and built a fully functional foldable iPhone. To be precise, it is a redesigned iPhone X fitted with a chassis from Motorola Razr 2020. In addition, he also released an official-looking teaser video of the device, which is dubbed the iPhone V.

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Foldable iPhone V – the first (unofficial) foldable iPhone

iPhone V

Foldable iPhone – the iPhone V

In the below video, the YouTuber talks about the entire process of how he built the iPhone V. It was assembled using existing parts, combining the iPhone X’s internal components with the foldable chassis of a Motorola Razr 2020. The Razr’s chassis was chosen for testing numerous hinge types on devices like the Galaxy Z Flip.

All the internal components were removed from the iPhone X and re-fitted in the Razr 2020’s chassis. The top half houses the battery, sensors, and cameras, whereas the bottom half has the motherboard with the SoC and memory. The body of the 3D-printed iPhone V resembles that of recent iPhones.

The most challenging part of building the iPhone V was building a foldable display. The iPhone X’s display comprises six layers, including the flexible OLED panel, which normally remains rigid under hard-cover glass. Each has to be separated carefully without damaging or breaking its functionality. As many as 37 iPhone displays were exhausted in the process of getting the bendable display working on the iPhone V.

As far as the software of the device is concerned, it is said to be running on a customised version of iOS (by jailbreaking) so that it works and functions normally on a foldable device. While a speaker, wireless charging, and MagSafe components were removed from the iPhone V, there was no issue with its touch functionality. Since it is an experimental product, its battery size is only 1,000mAh.

According to Max Weinbach from 9to5Google, flexible OLED displays are not foldable. Hence, the device may only last for around 100 folds before breaking. He added that the device does not have a UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) or cover on the display for scratch resistance. Nevertheless, the final product looks nothing short of an actual product from Apple. The device was built without any outside funding.

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