WWDC 2017: Apple Brings Siri-Powered Smart Speaker HomePod

Apple has finally dived into the market of the smart speaker to take on Amazon Echo, Google Home. For years, Siri was trapped inside the computers and smartphones, and finally, Apple has open the door for its own home – HomePod. Siri is not confined to your iPhone anymore, and it’s time to welcome her to your family.

Apple HomePod

At WWDC, Apple has announced a new HomePod speaker which is powered by an Apple A8 chip promised to make it sound better than any average speaker. It is seven inches tall and has seven tweeters. The Cupertino giant is emphasising on HomePod’s sound quality marketing it more of a smart speaker than just an assistant. Considering the fact that Apple own Beats and targeting Google and Amazon with something they don’t have yet does makes sense.

Apple HomePod

As stated earlier, Siri is omnipresent in the speaker just a command “Hey Siri” away from playing a song for you. Apple’s is also said to be working on further optimising Siri to help you with podcasts, messages, weather, traffic, sports, and alarms. Soon, HomePod will be just like Google Home or Amazon Echo, but a better music playing device too.

Apple has made the privacy of users a big deal encrypting all your communication. I know you’re getting excited and already rubbing your hand in the anticipation, but you won’t be able to get your hands on the device before the end of this year. The HomePod won’t be coming before the end of this year and will carry a price tag of $349 (Approx Rs 22,500).

Well, if you think this is the first time Apple has launched the speaker, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you go down the memory lane, back in 2006, Steve Jobs also launched a speaker for iPod calling it iPod HiFi. What else? That one was also priced at $349.

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