Microsoft is bringing Xbox cloud gaming to TVs, no console required

On: June 11, 2021

Microsoft has announced that Xbox players will soon be able to game directly from the cloud on their TVs and web browsers in the coming days. The Redmond-based company has revealed its plans to build dedicated streaming devices for cloud gaming, embed Xbox experience in smart TVs, and cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass subscriptions on web browsers.

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What this means is that interested Xbox players won’t have to buy consoles to enjoy Xbox games anymore, just controllers and the streaming device whenever it comes out. The announcement comes ahead of the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) being held online, starting June 12th. Microsoft has Xbox and Bethesda showcase event scheduled on June 13th, where we can expect upcoming Xbox Series X games.

Xbox cloud gaming coming soon to TVs: how it works

Microsoft is bring Xbox cloud gaming to TVs and web browsers

Microsoft is bringing Xbox cloud gaming to TVs and web browsers

Microsoft has officially announced that it’s working on a device that Xbox users will be able to connect to their TV or gaming monitor and stream games from the cloud. The company could sell this plug and play streaming device with controllers, eliminating the need for consoles. Additionally, Microsoft also announced that it’s working with smart TV brands to embed the Xbox experience directly into smart TVs.

What this could mean is that we can expect future smart TVs from major brands to come with a dedicated Xbox app to allow cloud streaming of games directly on the TV. All that the user will need is an Xbox controller. Needless to say, users will need to have the Xbox Game Pass to be able to enjoy cloud gaming.

Speaking of the gaming pass, Microsoft has revealed that cloud gaming through Game Pass is coming to web browsers in the coming few weeks. Gamers will be able to access their Game Pass Ultimate games from any device using Edge, Chrome, Safari, or any other browser. Lastly, Xbox is working with telecom companies to offer low monthly prices for console and Game Pass as part of subscription offers.

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