Xiaomi Announces its VR Headset in China

Xiaomi has joined the likes of OnePlus, Lenovo and Samsung in offering its VR headset. Virtual Reality seems to be the next big interest point for major mobile manufacturers and that is why it is no surprise that Xiaomi has followed the trail of some of the successful players who have offered VR headsets. The VR from Xiaomi is fairly unique and is made up of EVA and Lycra, materials that ensure that the experience of wearing the headset is a comfortable one.


The entire gadget weighs around 208.7 grams, so it is not the lightest thing you will carry in your bag if you decide to take the VR with you outdoors. The VR Headset has a zipper on the front to accommodate 4.7 inches to 5.7 inches smartphones and keep them in place. There is also a hardware button the top so that you can interact with the phone while the same is inside the VR set. There are cutouts available on the front, so even if you have inserted the phone in, you would be able to move and adjust the same to ensure you have the best view.

Xiaomi has also announced a partner app for VR, called Millet VR, which would host 3D content as well as games and movies so that you can enjoy the same on the fly. The VR headset will be available in plenty of interesting colour choices. There is no announcement on the price of the gadget yet, though the estimate for the same is around $10. Xiaomi has not put the Mi VR on sale yet, though you can go ahead and register yourself as a beta tester and therefore get the access to it by visiting the official site here.

Arpit Verma

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