Philips seeks ban on Xiaomi phones in India for alleged patent infringement

Philips has filed a case against Xiaomi India for violating its patents. The Dutch brand has moved Delhi High Court to stop Xiaomi from selling smartphones for allegedly infringing its patented technology. 

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The patents owned by Philips are related to UMTS enhancement (HSPA, HSPA+) and LTE technologies that are allegedly violated by Xiaomi India. Delhi HC has directed Xiaomi and other defendants to maintain a balance of Rs 1,000 crores in their bank accounts that are operated in India. 

Philips files patent infringement case against Xiaomi India

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Philips is seeking a ban for alleged infringement of patents

Philips has sought an ad-interim injunction that prevents Xiaomi from not only selling its smartphones but also restraint against manufacturing, importing, selling, offering for sale, advertising and selling on third-party websites that infringe the company’s patents. In its plea, the consumer electronics company has also asked for an ad-interim order of injunction directing the Central Board of Excise and Customs to issue necessary instructions to custom authorities at every Indian port including airports to restrict the import of Xiaomi smartphones.

The call for a ban is especially on devices that include the patented UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service) enhancement and LTE technology.  On November 27th, the Delhi HC passed an order that stated, It is made clear that the defendants are bound by the statement given by their counsel. The defendants shall file the details of the bank accounts operated in India where the amount of Rs 1,000 crores is being maintained, on or before 2 December 2020.’ 

The Delhi HC has asked Xiaomi India to file its reply within four weeks. The next hearing is scheduled to take place on January 18th, 2021. There is no official word from Xiaomi India yet regarding the case filed by Philips. 

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