Xiaomi unveils MI AI Speaker: Competes with Google Home & Amazon Echo

At their launch event yesterday, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi introduced two new products and a new software update. The MI 5X gathered attention as it would be one of the cheapest dual-camera phones to come around. The other product that was unveiled was the MI AI Speaker. This is Xiaomi’s attempt to target the giants in this product category; Apple, Google and Amazon.

The artificial intelligence driven speaker is set to do all the tasks the likes of Google Home or the Amazon Echo can do but at a much smaller price tag. In terms of specifications, the AI Speaker features a cluster of six microphones so it can listen to voice commands, irrespective of where you are located in the room. Design-wise the speaker sports a modern white colour with a blue ring on the top, within which a set of buttons are situated for control.

Xiaomi has boasted the device to be the center of their ecosystem of devices and should be capable of controlling multiple devices connected to it. It will be able to control from a selection of 60 million devices such as vacuum cleaners, fans, lamps and other home appliances. In addition to this, the speaker will also be able to perform as a personal assistant helping out with basic tasks like weather and traffic updates.

As far as the price and availability is concerned, the MI AI speaker will be available starting August exclusively in China for a price tag of 299 Yuan or approximately 3,000 rupees! It is still unknown whether this product will make it to the Indian market. Xiaomi has also initiated a beta testing programme for the speaker in which the device will be offered for just 1 Yuan for the first 1000 beta testers. The company claims that this is in order to help the device learn and gather usable feedback from the testers.

Are you excited about this AI Speaker and the price tag at which it is offered at? Do you wish to see the product make its arrival in the Indian market? Do let us know in the comments section below.