Xiaomi Mi CC9e May Launch As Android One Mi A3 Outside China

On: July 8, 2019

A new Xiaomi phone has popped up in the FCC database. The device carries the model number M1906F9SH and it appears to be an Android One device. Interestingly the model number on the FCC is identical to the one for the new Mi CC9e which was launched in China this month. In the past, Xiaomi has rebranded devices launched in China as Android One devices in other regions. This leads us to believe that the Mi CC9e might actually be launched as Mi A3 outside China.

The schematics with the FCC depict a device that looks similar to Xiaomi MiCC9e. Xiaomi’s new CC lineup is aimed at younger people and will be an online exclusive. A closer look reveals an Android One logo at the back and dual SIM variant for the upcoming device. Meanwhile, we have come across several Mi A3 rumors this year and the FCC filing hints at an upcoming Mi A3 launch outside China.

The FCC also details the dimensions of the device in question and once again this matches with the Mi CC9e dimensions (153mm x 71mm). The next piece of evidence is pretty convincing. The Mi CC9e Weibo images show a codename “laurel sprout.” Moreover, the device has earlier appeared on Geekbench listing with “laurus” codename. The folks at XDA Developers believe that Android One devices come with a “sprout” added to its codename. This is yet another reason to believe that Xiaomi is launching the CC9e with Android One outside China.

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi has launched Android One versions of a couple of devices. The Mi 5X was launched as Mi A1 in other markers while the Mi 6X arrived as Mi A2 in India. Furthermore, the IMEI database of Ting virtual network already lists a mobile with M1906F9SC as Xiaomi Mi A3.