Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S launched in India for Rs 1,999

Xiaomi has expanded its range of smart home products in India by launching the Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S. It is the fourth product in this category after the Mi Rechargeable LED Lamp White, Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb, and Mi Motion-Activated Night Light White. The Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S is an affordable desk lamp with a minimalistic design. The device features a foldable design, which makes it easy to move around. The smart light has a handful of useful features, and it can be controlled via an app on your smartphone.

Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S can be controlled with your smartphone on the app

Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S specifications and features

The Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S can be used with Amazon’s Alexa assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. The Mi Home app for the accessory lets you activate four modes of lighting including reading mode, computer mode, child mode with soft light, and focus mode that reduces eye fatigue. There’s a knob onboard the device that lets you control the lighting manually. You can click on the knob to turn on / off the device, turn it to adjust the brightness, press and rotate to adjust the colour temperature, and double-tap to quickly turn on the focus mode.

The Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S offers flicker-free lighting, low blue light content and high colour rendering index that keeps your eyes protected. This feature helps to alleviate eye fatigue and reduce the chances of the user suffering from myopia. The device can be adjusted by 135-degrees, and it has an all-metal design.

Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S price in India

Xiaomi is currently crowdfunding the Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp 1S on its e-commerce portal in the country. The company has set the target of 1,000 units during crowdfunding. During the crowdfunding period, the brand is offering the device for Rs 1,999. After the goal is achieved, the price will go up to Rs 2,999.

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