Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier ‘Lentils’ with 4-stage RO filtration launched in China

On: August 16, 2019

Xiaomi has launched a new water purifier called ‘Lentils’ in China today. The appliance comes with dimensions of 471mm x 452mm x 170mm, making it quite portable.

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The water tank present inside the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils has a capacity of 3 litres, and uses reverse osmosis or RO filtration technology that is carried out in four stages. The first chamber contains dense folding PP cotton and the second is equipped with an activated carbon rod. The RO filter is located in the third chamber while the fourth contains another activated carbon rod. Reportedly, the end result is as pure as packaged drinking water.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils launched

The device is also water-conserving as the production efficiency to wastewater ratio is 1:1. Purified water is produced at a rate of 1.3 litres per minute, and the appliance is capable of producing up to 47 cans of clean water every day. This volume is suitable for a medium to large-sized family. The Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils comes packed with an individual faucet and supports kitchen installation.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils: price and availability

The appliance is exclusive to China as of now and has been launched at a price of 999 Yuan (~Rs 10,150). The product is available for pre-order on Xiaomi Mall and users who pre-order it can avail a discount of 50 Yuan as well.


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