Xiaomi Mi6 Posts Highest Score on Antutu Benchmark yet!

With CES now officially over, companies have gone back to their headquarters to work on further devices. Xiaomi it seems is eager to make the first phone to feature the newly announced Snapdragon 835 processor. The Xiaomi Mi6 is the successor to the Mi5s (review) and the benchmark scores are ridiculous!


A screenshot posted on Weibo claims to be taken on a Xiaomi Mi 6 . It shows the benchmarking score of the device after running Antutu. The user claims that his friend is testing a prototype version of the Mi 6.

Xiaomi Mi5s

Xiaomi’s current flagship- Mi5s

While there is no way of confirming the authenticity if the screenshot, the device has indeed posted a very high score. The 2,10,329 score is much higher than any Android device on the market. The Mi 6 then also exceeds the score clocked by the iPhone 7 Plus which is ~1,83,000. The current favorite Android flagship, the OnePlus 3T manages ~ 1,60,000 in the same benchmark. The 3T is no slouch and runs the Snapdragon 821 processor.

If the news is true, it shows how powerful the new Snapdragon 835 chipset is viz-a-viz the Snapdragon 821. The are no other details on the Xiaomi Mi6 but we think it will have about 6GB of RAM onboard. The phone can also be expected to roll-out with MIUI on top of Android Nougat.

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