[Exclusive] Xiaomi to Launch Mi Power Bank 3 in China Starting From 10,000mAh Capacity

Xiaomi could soon launch new Power Banks in China. The portable rechargeable blocks would follow the immensely popular Mi Power Bank Series. We have managed to find out the technical specifications of the soon to be launched Mi Power Bank 3 Series.

Xiaomi has been selling the Mi Power Bank 2 for quite some time. To keep the momentum, the company even launched a few special editions of the Mi Power Banks. However, it now appears the company is readying the new variants that will be part of the Mi Power Bank 3 Series. Let’s look at some of the expected specifications, capacities, prices, availability of the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Specifications, Features

Xiaomi is yet to officially acknowledge the existence of the Mi Power Bank 3, let alone announce or launch the new portable rechargeable battery-powered power supply. The new Mi Power Bank 3 would launch in two models, just like the Mi Power Bank 2.

We expect Xiaomi could launch Mi Power Bank 3 10,000mAH and Power Bank 3 20,000mAH. As the name clearly indicates, the first model will have a theoretical capacity of 10,000mAh, while the higher-end model will have 20,000mAh capacity. It is important to note that power banks never offer the complete capacity for recharging because of conversion losses. Interestingly, Xiaomi openly confirms the actual capacity, which is about 10 to 20 percent lesser than the advertised capacity. Hence buyers purchasing the Mi Power Bank 3 10,000mAH could expect the actual capacity of about 7,500 to 8,500mAh.

The new Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Series will support USB – Power Delivery Fast Charge. In other words, the Mi Power Banks will specifically allow Fast Charging to supporting devices. In the current series, Xiaomi offers standard charging as well as low capacity charging for sensitive devices like Bluetooth headsets. We expect Xiaomi could pack intelligent ‘device handshake’ to ascertain the optimum charging current, voltage and pattern, and then deliver power accordingly.

Majority of recently launched smartphones have such ability already built-in. With power banks offering similar functionality, buyers can expect a highly optimized charging solution that quickly tops-up their smartphones’ batteries. Xiaomi specifically mentions that its Power Banks come with several multi-layered protection systems to prevent over-charging, and other dangers. The Mi Power Bank 3 Series should not be an exception.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Expected Launch, Prices

Xiaomi hasn’t officially announced the launch date of the Mi Power Bank 3 Series. However, the previous generation has been on the market for quite some time. The devices do appear slightly outdated as most of them do not have USB Type-C reversible connectors. The new Mi Power Bank 3 Series may just sport the high-capacity, versatile USB Type-C ports.

Xiaomi has always priced its Mi Power Banks quite attractively. The Mi Power Bank 3 Series should not be an exception. We expect Xiaomi might slightly increase the prices of the new devices owing to the new technology.

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