Xiaomi’s Oclean X is an electric toothbrush with a touch screen

On: June 10, 2019

Oclean X earned the reputation for being the first electric brush with a touchscreen. The electric toothbrush with a touch screen was recently spotted on Xiaomi’s YouPin crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding campaign has ended and the Oclean X managed to find many backers.

Oclean X raked in excess of 10 million Yuan in funding. More than 41,250 people have backed it and in terms of USD, it comes to around $1.4 million. The company is promising Oclean X at a discounted price of 249 Yuan for the backers as opposed to the 299 Yuan release price.

At the outset, the Oclean X looks like any other electric brush. The prominent differentiator is the touch screen that lets you set the mode of brushing teeth and also warn you if the brush head needs to be replaced. Moreover, the brush also informs the users when the force is not enough or if any area is left untouched. Pretty innovative for a toothbrush!

The idea behind OcleanX is pretty simple, the company wants to improve the brushing experience and offer feedback on the same. In other words, the company claims to be introducing the concept of intelligence, customisation and rapidity.

Additionally, you can also view the time, weather and check other dental related information. The feedback is based on the brushing posture. It is interesting to know that OcleanX monitors the brushing posture 1,500 times in a minute. As far as support is concerned, the electric brush is compatible with Android 4.4/iOS 8 and up. Furthermore, the company claims that the battery will last up to 30 days.