Xiaomi and OPPO announce extended warranties due to COVID-19 lockdowns

On: May 18, 2021

  • Xiaomi and OPPO are offering extended warranties during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Xiaomi is providing a 2-month warranty extension
  • OPPO has extended the warranty of all its products until June 30th

Xiaomi and OPPO have announced extended warranties as a respite for consumers with warranties ending in May and June. While Xiaomi is now offering a two-month warranty extension for its phones, OPPO has extended the warranty for all its products until June end.

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With several parts of the country are likely to remain lockdown due to the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic for a couple of weeks, smartphone OEMs are now offering extended warranties to prevent users from stepping out of their houses to repair their devices. Last week, POCO and Vivo announced warranty extensions for their users in the country.

Xiaomi announces two-month warranty extension for Mi and Redmi phones

Xiaomi India Managing Director, Manu Kumar Jain confirmed through a tweet that the company is offering a two-month warranty extension for Mi and Redmi devices with warranty expiring in May or June. These customers can get their devices serviced until August.

The tweet also mentions that such users can book an appointment on for after-sales support. However, the tweet does not clearly mention whether the two-month warranty extension is also available for other Xiaomi devices like earphones, laptops, accessories, and so on.

OPPO is offering warranty extension for all its products

OPPO’s press release states that it has extended warranty for its all products till June 30th. Since its service centres are shut down due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns, it is running a dedicated 24 x 7 WhatsApp helpline number – 987152077, which can be used to check the real-time status of the operations.

OPPO said in a statement, “In addition to this, the aftersales customer service support of Oppo India is providing all its users the best remote support in this difficult time through a dedicated AI-powered Chatbot called ‘Ollie’ that is available 24X7 for consumers to resolve 94.5 percent of their queries.” For software-related queries and other issues, OPPO users can reach out to the online support team through Facebook and Twitter.

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