Xiaomi’s new cute little power bank is also a hand warmer

On: November 28, 2019

Apart from affordable smartphones, laptops, and TVs, the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is known for launching some unique accessories and utility devices. Today, apart from an electric bed, the company has introduced a cute little power bank, which also works as a hand warmer to keep you warm in this winter season. The sleek-looking new Xiaomi power bank fits right in your hand and it boasts a built-in hand warmer, which is claimed to get as warm as 52-degrees that is great for colder timers. Unfortunately, the accessory will be initially available only in the brand’s home market of China.

Xiaomi’s new power bank provides a head of up to 52-degrees

Xiaomi hand-warming power bank specifications and features

Xiaomi’s new power bank features double-sided warming functionality, and it can provide a maximum temperature of 52-degrees. The brand says that the body of the accessory is made out of aluminium, which can quickly provide heat to your hands. Safety-wise, the company claims that the new power bank is built utilising multi-material composite technology, and it is combined with fire-resistant ABS to make it safe and reliable. There’s a small display on the device that shows off the current heating temperature.

As for the other features, Xiaomi’s hand warming power bank has two buttons on the left and right. The former lets you control the mobile power function and also shows the power remaining on the device. While the latter button lets you continuously press it for three seconds to activate the heating function, apart from showing the current temperature. Lastly, there’s a 5,000mAh battery onboard, and the device has automatic power-off and the overcharge protection features.

XIaomi’s new power bank with hand-warming feature comes with a 5,000mAh battery

Xiaomi hand-warming power bank price

The new Xiaomi power bank with hand-warming functionality has been priced affordably at RMB 138 (~Rs 1,400). The device is available to buy in China in three colour variants – Green, Pink, and Red.

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