Redmi Go With Model Number M1903C3GG Gets IMDA Certification, Could be Xiaomi’s Upcoming Android Go Phone

On: December 19, 2018

Recently, a new mystery Xiaomi smartphone with model number Xiaomi M1903C3GG was spotted at the Federal Communications Commission in the beginning of December. The handset has now appeared on an Asian certification portal, more specifically, IMDA in Singapore. The new listing doesn’t reveal much about the device except that it could potentially be marketed as a “Redmi Go” device. Now, this does immediately incline us to say that it could be Xiaomi’s first Android Go device, but there’s almost no more info to back this up.

The certification at IMDA follows a listing on the EEC portal that happened recently, which again, didn’t reveal any substantial info. However, the FCC listing does have some juicy nuggets that will satiate some curious readers. The listing revealed the Xiaomi M1903C3GG to be a smartphone belonging to the Mi sub-brand of Xiaomi. Hence, the “Redmi Go” designation is a first to be seen on IMDA. Moreover, the handset is a dual-SIM device which supports 4G on only one of its two slots at a time. However, both slots do support 4G and can be used one at a time. However, as previously mentioned, the Xiaomi M1903C3GG misses a number of vital bands like Band 3, and Band 5 that hint the handset may not make it outside of China. Also, the possibility of Xiaomi disabling Band 40, which is used by Reliance Jio, means that it wouldn’t launch in India either. Other rudimentary info includes support for Bluetooth 4.2 and single-band Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz).

The appearance of the Xiaomi M1903C3GG under the Mi sub-brand previously suggested that this handset could be a low-end variant of the Mi 8 series such as the Mi 8 Lite. However, the new “Redmi Go” label now rules that out as well. What are your thoughts about the new handset? Are you aware of its true identity? Let us know in the comments section below.

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