Xiaomi Reveals New Solid-State Battery Technology


  • The new solid-state battery is here from Xiaomi 
  • Can bundle a 33% bigger battery on the same footprint as the Lithium Ion battery 
  • Xiaomi demoed a Xiaomi 13 with the new battery tech


Xiaomi has unveiled a new type of battery for its smartphones, Solid State Battery. The Chinese tech giant has announced that it has made a breakthrough in solid-state battery tech by this announcement and that it has achieved an energy density of 10,000Wh/L. 

Xiaomi demoed a Xiaomi 13 with a 6,000mAh solid-state battery, which used the footprint of the retail unit’s 4,500mAh battery. The solid battery allows Xiaomi to bundle a bigger battery of the same size as the model with a traditional battery. 

The biggest difference between these solid-state and traditional batteries is in the form of electrolytes used to function. Traditional batteries use a liquid form of electrolyte; the solid-state battery, on the other hand, comes with what Xiaomi called a “Solid electrolyte”. Xiaomi has promised these improvements over the normal batteries such as:

  • High energy 
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Higher mechanical strength
  • Safety 

Xiaomi mentions that its solid-state battery is safer than its Lithium-ion counterpart. The company also says the battery can offer 20% more power than Lithium Ion batteries in cold weather. Xiaomi also promises that its solid-state battery significantly improves puncture test over Lithium-ion batteries. 

Xiaomi has only demoed the prototype of this battery tech. Mass production of the same will be years away as it stands now. 

Recently, Xiaomi demoed its super fast charging for smartphones with its 300W charging tech, which charges the phone in under 5 minutes.