Xiaomi launches smart mobile air conditioner in China

As summers come knocking, air conditioners and air coolers start getting turned on in every household. Therefore, Xiaomi couldn’t have chosen a better time to launch its portable air conditioner with compact form factor. The Xiaomi Youpin mobile air conditioner has been designed and manufactured by NEW WIDETECH, which is a Chinese start-up.

The latest mobile air conditioner from the brand has a very compact form factor. This makes the mobile air conditioner an ideal cooling solutions for compact spaces like kitchen, office spaces, and security kiosks. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest product from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi smart mobile air conditioner specifications and features

The Xiaomi Mobile Air Conditioner also doubles up as Air Purifier

The Xiaomi Mobile Air Conditioner also doubles up as Air Purifier

The Xiaomi Mobile Air Conditioner comes with the same size as Mi Air Purifiers from the brand. Moreover, it’s not just the size it shares with its purifier cousins but also built-in silver ion filter can remove the bacteria in the air including E. coli,  dust and other particles in the air. Additionally, the AC features three air speeds, cooling and dehumidification.

As for the design, the mobile air conditioner flaunts a waterless tank design. The appliance achieves cooling by using DC water pumping motor to force the evaporation of condensed water. This technology removes the hassle of having to drain the air conditioner.

Additionally, the Xiaomi Mobile Air Conditioner comes with integrated Wi-Fi support. Users can connect the appliance to a smartphone using the Mijia app. The companion app lets users remote control the air conditioner and also link with Xiao AI assistant to enable voice control. Xiaomi is also providing a dedicated remote control with the appliance.

Xiaomi smart mobile air conditioner price and availability

The Xiaomi Mobile Air Conditioner has been priced at RMB 1,599 (~Rs 17,100) in China and has already gone up for sale.

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