Xiaomi is still the top smartphone brand in India: IDC

On: November 6, 2020

It seems that Samsung and Xiaomi are in a rat race as far as Q3 2020 smartphone shipments in India are concerned. Last month, a report by Canalys claimed that Xiaomi continued to be the number one brand in India, while a subsequent Counterpoint Research report suggested that Samsung was the number one brand in the country. Now, as per the latest IDC report, Xiaomi continues to maintain its lead in India.

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The latest report also revealed that of the top three smartphone markets – the US, China and India – the Indian smartphone market was the only one to witness growth, while the other two declined. India recorded 17 percent year on year growth with online sales touching an all-time high share of 48 percent. Let’s take a look at how brands fared in Q3 2020, according to the IDC report.

Xiaomi continues to be the number one smartphone brand in India

The IDC India report states that Xiaomi continues to be the number oner brand in India

The IDC India report states that Xiaomi continues to be the number one brand in India

As per the IDC report, Xiaomi was the top smartphone brand in India in Q3 2020 with a 25 percent market share, marking a growth of 7 percent year-on-year. The Counterpoint Research and Canalys reports pegged Xiaomi’s market share at 23 percent and 26.1 percent, respectively. The brand shipped 13.5 million units in Q3 2020 with the Redmi 8A Dual, Redmi 8, and Redmi Note 9 being the top-selling models.

The second placeholder in the IDC report, Samsung had 22.3 percent market share in the Q3 2020, as opposed to 24 percent reported by Counterpoint Research and 20.4 percent by Canalys. The brand shipped 12.1 million units of smartphones, making India its largest market globally.

Vivo, Realme and OPPO were in the third, fourth and fifth position consistently across all three reports. According to the IDC report, Vivo grabbed a 16.7 percent market share, Realme captured 14.7 percent, and OPPO had 11.3 percent market share in India.  Realme’s C11 (review) was one of the top five best selling smartphones in India, whereas, OPPO’s A12, A53, and A11K were the best performing.

Here’s a look at market shares reported by IDC, Counterpoint Research and Canalys for the Q3 2020 in the Indian smartphone market.

Xiaomi Samsung Vivo Realme Oppo
IDC 25% 22.3% 16.7% 14.7% 11.3%
Counterpoint 24% 23% 16% 15% 10%
Canalys 26.1% 20.4% 17.6% 17.4% 12.1%
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