Xiaomi TV X series to launch in India on August 1


  • Xiaomi India is ready to introduce new Smart TV X series models
  • The upcoming X series succeeds last year’s 4K TV models
  • The launch event on August 1st will also introduce the Redmi 12 smartphone.

Xiaomi is set to introduce the Xiaomi TV X series in India next month, coinciding with the launch of the much-awaited Redmi 12. This highly anticipated X series will serve as the successor to the 4K TV models introduced last year and will be available in three different sizes. Xiaomi India has made it official that they will introduce the new Xiaomi TV X series models. The launch event is scheduled for August 1.

Xiaomi TV X series

The upcoming Xiaomi TV X series is promoting the tagline “Big is back.” Teasers indicate a strong focus on the concept of big with a bold and large design offering an enhanced entertainment experience through its spacious display and excellent audio quality. The teaser page hints at a smooth experience, possibly indicating a high refresh rate or user-friendly software. However, no further details have been revealed yet. The TV also promises a seamless and expansive user experience with a wide range of channel selections. While the images show a bezel-less screen, specific features of the smart TV are yet to be disclosed. 

Redmi 12

The Redmi 12 smartphone has been launched in Thailand, revealing its specifications. However, there could be some minor variations between the Indian and global versions. Geekbench hints that the Indian variant of the Redmi 12 5G might be a rebranded version of the Redmi Note 12R, released in China in June. The official specifications will be revealed on August 1.

Therefore, Xiaomi’s launch event on August 1 is touted to bring excitement with the introduction of the Xiaomi TV X series and the Redmi 12 smartphone to India. The TV series promises a big and immersive experience, while the Redmi 12 smartphone may have some differences between its Indian and global versions. The official specifications will be revealed soon, building anticipation for tech enthusiasts and Xiaomi fans alike.


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