You Broadband launches 350Mbps plan with unlimited data: price, benefits

You Broadband, an Internet Service Provider owned by Vodafone, launched its fastest broadband plan in the denomination of Rs 2,065. The latest plan offers high-speed 350Mbps internet with unlimited data to its subscribers. The announcement comes soon after the company launched broadband plans with bundled Vi postpaid and wired broadband plans.

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As of now, the Rs 2,065 You Broadband plan is available only in Pune city. The new plan is being offered in different subscription models starting from 30 days. Apart from the newly-launched high-speed 350Mbps plan, You Broadband also offers other broadband plans with up to 300Mbps, 250Mbps, 200Mbps, 125Mbps, and 100Mbps speeds. Let’s take a look at the newly launched You Broadband plan.

You Broadband 350Mbps high-speed plan benefits

You Broadband's latest Rs 2,065 plan offers 350Mbps speed

You Broadband’s latest Rs 2,065 plan offers 350Mbps speed

As mentioned before, the Rs 2,065 You Broadband plan is the fastest from the brand with speeds up to 350Mbps. The company is offering the plan in four different subscriptions including 30 days, 95 days, 200 days, and 420 days. The base 30 days subscription plan has been priced at Rs 2,065. The 95-day subscription plan has been priced at Rs 6,195.

Coming to the 200 days subscription package, customers will have to shell out Rs 12,390. Finally, for 420 days subscription, the price has been set at Rs 24,780. All of these prices are inclusive of taxes, which means the amount mentioned is all you have to pay in case you opt for any of these plans.

The You Broadband plan doesn’t offer any other benefits apart from 350Mbps high-speed data. Additionally, the company says these plans offer unlimited data. However, there’s a monthly cap of 3.5TB on each plan, which should be enough for an average user.

Sitting just below the 350Mbps plan is the You Broadband 300Mbps plan. The company is offering this plan also in the same four subscription models – 30 days, 95 days, 200 days, and 420 days, priced at Rs 2,006, Rs 6,018, Rs 12,036, and Rs 24,072, respectively.

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