You Don’t Have To Worry Anymore About Dropping Your Phone With This Mobile Airbag

On: July 5, 2018

Smartphones have seen incredible technological advancement in recent years. Edge to edge display phones along with glass back are becoming a lot more common these days. Manufacturers are constantly shrinking down the bezels providing more screen space for consuming photo and video content. At the same time, phones are also becoming slimmer and lighter.

Image Source: Preview Online

While today’s smartphones look stunning in terms of improved design, they come at a price. There is no certainty that bezel-less displays are durable. The glass back in case of premium phones are fragile and prone to damage. Shattered phones and displays are becoming expensive to fix. We all have been through minor heart attacks when we’ve dropped our phones (iPhone users can relate 😉 ).

However, now a German engineering student named Philipe Frenzel has invented a mobile airbag smartphone case that can (potentially) save and reduce damage to the phone when dropped. As seen in the photo, there are eight metal springs on the corners of the phone. The protective case is equipped with sensors that detect when the phone is in free fall. When the sensor detects the phone is falling, it automatically deploys the metal springs. The phone bounces off the ground and brings it to rest without any damage. The prongs can be put back inside the case thus making it reusable and ready to protect your phone from its next tumble.

According to German-language publication Preview Online, this innovative idea has won an award from German Mechatronics Society.

This protective case could be really useful for users who constantly drop their phones, and even those who don’t like ruining the look and feel of the phone with big cases. The design is still a prototype but Frenzel has patented this idea and is expecting to launch a Kickstarter campaign next month to fund the next stage of project.

(Could this be the revolutionary invention that will help us clumsy folk save a fortune? Only time will tell if this product hits the mainstream and help us out. In the meantime, do follow our Blog, Facebook page and Twitter handle for more of such exciting news from the world of Technology!)

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