YouTube rolls out new progress bar, it’s now grey


  • YouTube is bringing a new progress bar.
  • It was available for some users for the previous month.
  • The progress bar has been changed to grey colour now.

YouTube’s progress bar has remained the same for a long time; it remained white while playing and turned red as time elapses.

It’s changing now, and YouTube has been testing a new progress bar which turns to a less obstructive grey colour as time elapses. This feature was available for select users previously, but now it’s getting a widespread rollout.

youtube progress bar

The progress bar remains red when a user selects play, pause or scrubs through. It will turn grey the instant the heads-up display fades away. It only goes to grey in dark mode and remains red when the device or app is in light mode.

The progress bar stays persistent on portrait viewing; it fades away after a moment when the YouTube video is playing in the landscape orientation.

Play last in queue

YouTube has also been testing a new Play last in queue option, which is yet to be rolled out widely to all users.

With this feature, you can add a video to the last of the queue by accessing the option from the 3-dot menu. The video you added will be played after the current queue of videos ends.

youtube play last in queue

If you’re a Premium member, you can head over to the Try new features options to check if this feature is available for you to try; enable it from there.