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Established as Lak Hui Chemical Industrial Corp in 1947 and later being renamed to Lucky Goldstar, LG has its parental roots in South Korea with headquarters in the LG Twin Towers building in Seoul. It is a common misconception that LG stands for 'Life's Good' after one the brand campaigns that LG did in India in order to promote their line of televisions, however that couldn't be far away from the reality, as 'Life's Good' remains the tagline of the company. Look closely at the brand logo and you will see that the logo actually represents a smiling face which is very artistically done using the letters L and G. In today's competitive market, LG has made a name for itself in the personal electronics space thanks to a series of high end smartphones, tablets as well as Televisions Washing machines, Refrigerators and more. LG is also credited with producing displays for several of the other big players, including being the chief display producer for the Apple's iPads and the iPhones.

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Popular Mobile Phones

    • Out of stock
    LG W41 Plus Price In India
    LG W41 Plus
    Rs. 9,499
     Out of Stock 
    85VFM Score
    LG W31 Plus Price In India
    LG W31 Plus
    Rs. 9,379
      13% in last 30 days
    79VFM Score
    LG K42 Price In India
    LG K42
    Rs. 10,990
      37% in last 30 days
    80VFM Score
    LG Wing Price In India
    LG Wing
    Rs. 59,800
      99% in last 30 days
    81VFM Score
    LG W41 Price In India
    LG W41
    Rs. 11,490
      35% in last 30 days
    83VFM Score
    LG Velvet Price In India
    LG Velvet
    Rs. 31,679
    79VFM Score
    LG G8X ThinQ Price In India
    LG G8X ThinQ
    Rs. 32,999
      18% in last 30 days
    81VFM Score
    LG W31 Price In India
    LG W31
    Rs. 9,400
      18% in last 30 days
    76VFM Score
    • Upcoming
    LG Folder 2 Price In India
    LG Folder 2
    Rs. 11,999
     Expected Price 
    VFM Score - N/A
    LG W41 Pro Price In India
    LG W41 Pro
    Rs. 12,999
    84VFM Score
    LG Optimus Hub Price In India
    LG Optimus Hub
    Rs. 3,466
    55VFM Score
    LG W11 Price In India
    LG W11
    Rs. 8,280
      4% in last 30 days
    78VFM Score

Popular Refrigerators

Popular Smartwatches

    • Upcoming
    LG Watch W7 Price In India
    LG Watch W7
    Rs. 17,990
     Expected Price 
    VFM Score - N/A
    • Not Available
    LG G Watch Price In India
    LG G Watch
    Rs. 8,999
     Not Available 
    81VFM Score
    • Not Available
    LG Watch Urbane Price In India
    LG Watch Urbane
    Rs. 26,999
     Not Available 
    73VFM Score

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Popular Washing Machine

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