Grill Microwave Ovens In India

When it comes to a Grill Microwave Oven, there are metal trays which are placed closer to the grill which is at the top, so that the food gets grilled from bottom and top making it brown and crispy. Microwave Grill Ovens are best suited when you want to cook kebabs, tikka or simply, a toast. You can experiment with the help of various power levels and modes to suit your cooking requirements. Currently, there are 72 Grill Microwave Ovens available in the market. You can compare up to 4 ovens and make your final decision by seeing their pricing on different e-commerce sites. The list was last updated on 22nd April 2018.
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Top 10 Grill Microwave Ovens Price List

Grill Microwave Ovens ListLatest PriceValue for Money
LG MH2044DB 20 Litre GrillRs. 7,49963 / 100
Whirlpool Magicook 20L Elite-Black (New) 20 Litre ConvectionRs. 7,99085 / 100
IFB 30SC4 30 Litre Solo, Convection, GrillRs. 12,29095 / 100
Samsung MC28H5145VK/TL 28 Litre ConvectionRs. 15,722.5087 / 100
IFB 23SC3 23 Litre Solo, Convection, GrillRs. 9,99992 / 100
Onida MO20GMP12B 20 Litre GrillRs. 4,99963 / 100
Prestige (POTG 19 PCR) 19 Litre Oven Toaster GrillerRs. 4,19968 / 100
Whirlpool MAGICOOK 20L DELUXE (NEW) 20 Litre GrillRs. 6,79969 / 100
Samsung GW732KD-B/XTL 20 Litre GrillRs. 7,29959 / 100
Bajaj MTBX 2016 20 Litre GrillRs. 5,49958 / 100

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