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    Xiaomi Mi4i Price In India
  • Xiaomi Mi4i User Reviews

    • Best Price:
      Rs. 7,699  
      Out of Stock!
    • 67 Value For Money

      We calculate this score by comparing the specs, price & brand of this product to similarly priced products.

        We calculate this score by comparing the specs, price & brand of this product to similarly priced products.

        14 Pricebaba users from India have written their experience with Xiaomi Mi4i. If you own Xiaomi Mi4i, kindly do leave your feedback as well!

      User Reviews for Xiaomi Mi4i (Total: 14)

      By Muskaan Kapoor on March 30, 2018
      The Mi4i is a nice affordable and durable phone. It is also very easy to use.
      • 5-inch phone fits perfectly in hands
      • Camera quality
      • Sleek design
      • Heating issues
      • Low storage capacity
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      By Rajul Jain on March 10, 2018 | Verified Owner
      I have been using this product for 3 years, fantastic build quality, amazing specifications, but for now at this cost, many other new phones are available.
      • Fantastic camera
      • Look wise it is good
      • Many themes are available
      • Delicate, broke after its first fall
      • Hangs a lot
      • Front camera is not so good
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      By Aishwary Trivedi on February 2, 2018
      This is one of the most affordable phone with most of the features. Initially for an year it work really well. Then it starts getting heated very often. It also hangs a lot. If you want to biy 32GB one. Don't make a mistake of buying 16GB coz their is not source for external memory. Or else it is a pretty phone .
      • It has a pretty camera. (Especially front)
      • Strong touch
      • It looks very pretty
      • Affordable price
      • Fast charging
      • Heats very soon
      • It also hangs a lot
      • Sometimes loudspeaker doesn't work
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      By Yoginder Singh on December 21, 2017 | Verified Owner
      Xiaomi Mi4i is an old device which I have used for quite a long time. The device is pretty slim, sleek and lightweight. The plastic body gives you a cheap kind of feel. On top of that, the device also lags with time. it gives a decent performance and average camera quality
      • Stunning display
      • Great build quality
      • Good battery life
      • Decent camera performance
      • No fast charging
      • Lags with time
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      By Priyanka Jain on July 16, 2017 | Verified Owner
      The look of this phone is great and feels good in hands. It hasSnapdragon 615 processor and it comes with 2GB of RAM.
      • 1. Superb camera.
      • 2. Good gaming performance.
      • 3. Responsive touch.
      • 4. Premium feel.
      • 1. Limited storage.
      • 2. Ni fast charging.
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      By Tarun Das on July 13, 2017 | Verified Owner
      The reason why the Mi 4i is such an impressive phone, at least on paper, is because it is packed with features that seem to be useful and not just put into it for the sake of marketing reasons. It looks like a complete package and yet has a fairly low price.
      • 1. Very good camera at this range.
      • 2. Good viewing angles.
      • 3. Premium feel.
      • 4. Xiaomi's own UI.
      • 1. It doesn't support external storage.
      • 2. Non removable battery.
      • 3. Low light photographs are not good.
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      By parul Bhardwaj on July 10, 2017 | Verified Owner
      It has 16 gb internal storage and a good mid-range phone
      • 1. Screen size is good.
      • 2. Qualcomm snapdragon 615 2nd gen.
      • 3. 2 GB Ram.
      • 4. Good camera.
      • 5. Powerful Battery.
      • 1. Heating issue.
      • 2. No SD card support.
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      User Image
      By Aditya Menon on June 22, 2017 | Verified Owner
      I've been using this phone for 2 years now. From my experience and observation, I'd say it is a slim and sleek phone with a great amount of features packed in it. There are a few drawbacks and cons which can get annoying at times and are a hindrance to the regular working of the phone .But overall, Xiaomi Mi4i is a product of above average quality which is value for money. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5.
      • Back camera takes pictures of an excellent quality
      • Battery lasts for almost a whole day with average use
      • Sleek and slim
      • MIUI 8 is a wonderful user interface with lots of features.
      • 5 GB cloud storage provided by Mi is a huge help
      • The phone gets heated up very easily
      • The memory is not expandable, only 12.77 GB is available
      • My handset developed lock sensor problems within one month of buying it..
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      User Image
      By Dipti Bhave on March 21, 2017 | Verified Owner
      The quality is great. Good camera, easy to handle, light weight. Proper value for money.
      • Good camera
      • Good battery life
      • Sleek and slim
      • Heating issues
      • Low storage capacity
      • VoLte not supported
      • Android version lollipop
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      User Image
      By Sonali ✩ Jain on March 3, 2017 | Verified Owner
      Excellent compact phone that fits the hand perfectly and comes in attractive colours that too at an affordable price with decent specifications
      • The miui skin is ver user friendly n has lots of features to customise the phone
      • 5 inch phone fits the hand perfectly
      • Camera for selfies is really good
      • Battery lasts atleast for the entire day
      • Value for money
      • Only 16gb storage
      • Images taken in low light needs to improve
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      By Sanidhya Bindal on February 25, 2017 | Verified Owner
      Using it since 1.5 years. Overall good phone & sort of satisfied with the device. Bought it in a deal at flipkart for Rs. 10k. Was a great deal that time & the best phone of the time compared to others of the time. Heard of it as a second best startup & it builds value for money phone. Other reviews made me buy xiaomi over gionee & vivo at the time.
      • Decent gaming performance
      • Very good camera
      • Nice build quality with rounded edges
      • Limited storage
      Was this review helpful?21
      User Image
      By Komal Kamble on February 21, 2017
      Mi gives us many such different features in just 13999rs Which completely affordable!! The camera quality, the ppi Resolution & the processor is too good!! Amazing cell phone. over all i'll say it is a very good product!!! Worth buying!! 😀
      • Good camera quality
      • High Resolution
      • Octa core processor
      • Slim n weightless
      • Good battry life
      • Gets heated up
      • Memory is not expandable
      • Screen is not that safe...
      Was this review helpful?10
      User Image
      By Anahita Sachdev on February 19, 2017 | Verified Owner
      Nice affordable and durable phone equipped with Android v5.02
      • - durable
      • - affordable
      • - gets charged fast
      • - user friendly operating system
      • - 13 mega pixel camera
      • - can get slow at times
      Was this review helpful?01
      By virang jain on February 8, 2017 | Verified Owner
      Overall: 4/5 Battery: 4/5 Space: 3/5 Performance: 4.5/5 features: 4/5 Camera: 4/5 Display: 3.5/5 I'm using this phone for more than year and a half now, and till date I've not visited service centre. The quality is great. The phone still gets regular updates and there are leaks that this phone will also get the Android N update soon. MI has its own ROM which is also updated regularly (currently MIUI8). The phone is value for money.
      • Both the front and back camera are good for picture you can view my instagram page www.instagram.com/jainvirang.
      • Battery is good. It lasts for whole day while using 4G data along with playing games like clash royale and clash of clans. Though it takes time to get charged, say about an hour and a half.
      • Mi provides 5GB free storage.
      • Once the sync is on the gallery photos are automatically uploaded to the MI drive and only the compressed version (Ratio ~ 11%) is left in the phone. The best feature provided by MI only.
      • The phone looks sleek and slim. It has no waste area around the screen.
      • The touch is not that great, though it suffices the purpose.
      • The Phone gets easily heated up
      • The screen is not gorilla glass, so you will have to buy a tempered glass.
      • The space is only 16 GB and usable is only 12.77GB. Apps takes the major memory
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      Xiaomi Mi4i Ratings

      • Rating Summary
        • 4.2/5
          80,824  Ratings
          9,034 Reviews
        • Pricebaba
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            14  Ratings
            14 Reviews
          • 4.2/5
            80,682  Ratings
            8892 Reviews
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