Panasonic was founded on March 13th, 1918. The headquarters of Panasonic are located at Kadoma in Osaka, Japan. Until October 2008, the company was officially called Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd and it was only after that it was changed to "Panasonic Corporation". Panasonic has sold VHS VCRs, Radio Receivers, Marine Radio Direction Finders, Audio Speakers, Televisions, Smartphones etc. In India, Panasonic has a strong focus on market research as well as product innovation. With strong marketing effort which involved key partnerships with common touchpoint like football and bollywood in the form of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. While Android devices are the bread and butter of Panasonic, they have also produced a line of feature phones with and without touch under the GD series. It is interesting to note that so far Panasonic has not touched the high end price category in India keeping its focus very much on the lower end and the middle budget sections for mobiles. This could be a conscious effort keeping in mind how price sensitive the Indian market is.

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