Sony Mobiles earlier known as Sony Ericsson is among one of the oldest phone manufacturers currently in the market. In the 2000s Sony was a marginal player in the mobile segment while Ericsson was struggling to keep their mobile division afloat. The two firms decided to join hands in August 2001 that led to the formation of Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson was among the few manufacturers that offered phones with a camera and a color display. The manufacturer was already competing with Nokia in emerging markets like India. The next blow to Sony came from Apple when it launched the iPhone in 2007. The combined effect of Symbian Phones from Nokia and the new iPhone resulted in Sony making losses during this phase. The year 2010 was Sony Ericsson's first step in the Android world. The same year Sony decided to buy Ericsson's stake in the Sony Ericsson venture for 1.05 Billion Dollar and made the mobile division a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony. At CES 2013 Sony introduced a new series called the Xperia Z series with the tag line "The best of Sony in a smartphone" and it featured waterproof flagship devices. They also made introduced other series like the E series which had low and mid end devices, the C series which are camera focused and the M series which now also has waterproof phones.

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